More design talk coming soon

February 19, 2015

Have you ever wondered what the best way of going about redesigning or decorating the interior of your home is? Well if you have, then you’ll really enjoy the brand new post that we have coming up for you. We’ll be covering some of our favourite tricks to decorating your house along with regaling you with some our classic experiences. I hope you’re looking forward to it because we certainly are!

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The easiest way to save money when redecorating your home

February 10, 2015

Hello again and welcome back to impact festival. In this quick post I’ll be talking about something that isn’t directly linked to decorating, but is sage advice that I think you should take nonetheless.

Many so called gurus all have their own different theories on the best way to save money whilst redecorating your home. I for one, have an entirely different method, which came about to me after a bit of lateral thinking.

Many people argue that hiring an interior designer can in fact end up saving you money. Although this may be true, as they can help you avoid making mistakes that end up being particularly costly, I still think there is a better and easier way to save money.

The genius part of this idea is that, if implemented properly, it will save you money, not just on decorating or renovating your home, but on literally anything you spend considerable amounts of money on.

You will also gain incredible financial advice that you can take with you to the grave. Have you figured out what the hell it is I am talking about yet?

Well in case you haven’t – I’m talking about employing and enlisting the help of a personal accountant. I already have an accountant, but when it came time to begin decorating our new extension it hadn’t even crossed my mind to mention it to my accountant. It happened accidentally. We talk on the phone occasionally, probably once every few months or so, and I happened to mention what we were doing with the extension in our house.

His ears pricked up a bit when he heard me mention this. And he explained to me that I should tell him about everything I was planning to do, because he had no doubt that he could most probably save me some money in one form or another. Who knew that accountants in bath were so conscientious!?

Since that chat, the decoration has been finished and its safe to say that he eventually saved us hundreds of pounds. So let this be a lesson to all of you out there. Always consult with your accountant before you plan on spending large amounts of money, even if they’re on anything at all.

Ciao for now.

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More design ideas on the way

October 15, 2014

Hey there reader! This is a little update to let you know that we have more design talk heading your way. This coming week we’ll be focussing on many rooms within the household simultaneously. We’ll be briefly touching on everything – the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom etc. I hope the post itself isn’t too broad and contains some useful nuggets for all of you. Anyway, the only thing you have to make sure is you read it. Return to the site before long to take a look.

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The best way to liven up your living room

September 9, 2014

One of the best ways to quickly give new life to any room in your house is to change your lighting. When it comes to fitting in fancy new lights, there’s almost an endless list of options. In my opinion there’s only one true option when it come to this – chandeliers. If you can afford the fee, and even if you can’t, chandeliers are definitely the ultimate way of making a room instantly look spectacular. Today I’ll be taking you through your options, from a small budget to a larger one.

First things first, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about where to go to buy chandeliers. I’m sure many of you are skeptical about buying any online, considering the price of the product in question. But you’d be surprised how good a deal you can find online. Many websites offer incredible deals, including ones that are incredibly reputable such as amazon and ebay.

If money is on your mind and your not willing to splash out, then you’re sure to find a fairly good deal on either of this sites. Within minutes, you can quickly come across sellers that have custom and bespoke chandeliers, including crystal on offer. In fact, a crystal chandelier might just be the answer for those of you not willing to pay hundreds or even thousands of pounds. They can be relatively cheap if you want, and the majority of them look great and authentic. As your budget increases your options naturally increase too. If you’ve got the money then you can really get your hands on some beautiful light fittings.

Murano in Venice could be considered the capital of chandeliers. If you’re budget is larger then sourcing chandeliers that are made there, or better yet, directly from there, then there’s no doubt that you’ll be getting your hands on an incredible light fitting.

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Home Design Talk

September 5, 2014

Ground control, this is Impact Festival! I’ve created this blog in order for me to discuss in my eyes the ultimate topic – Home design and decoration. I’ll be dedicating time and effort into writing interesting posts about things you can do around the house to spruce it up a bit. I also love fancy lighting such as chandeliers, so expect a few posts about them. That’s all I’ve got to say for the meantime, looking forward to hearing your response to our first proper piece, which will be arriving soon.

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